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Premium Plan: $1,999 / month

ARWI Legal's Premium Plan subscription is the ultimate plan for any business owner. With quarterly one-on-one business audit and IP analysis, you can ensure your business is running smoothly, plus unlimited access to our special tier of business strategy calls with an attorney to support your growth.

What's included:

  • Formation Bundle consisting of one (1) Entity filed, EIN, and Operating Agreement

  • FREE access to all ARWI Legal scheduled in-person business workshops

  • Quarterly (4) one-on-one Business Audit, IP Analysis, and Strategic Legal Planning with your appointed ARWI Legal attorney

  • Twenty-five (25) monthly Contract Review, Resolution or Letter Draft, and Negotiation Contract of up to ten (15) pages each - all performed by an appointed licensed business attorney

  • Access to all flat fee services

  • Unlimited scheduled calls and/or emails with your attorney

  • Registered Agent Outstanding Service