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Solo Plan: $699 / month

ARWI Legal's Basic Plan subscription is the perfect package for single-member LLC's. We provide you with a highly qualified attorney to add to your team of advisors & consultants as well as execute the necessary processes to legally formalize & protect your business.

Single Member LLCs Only

What's included:

  • Formation Bundle consisting of one (1) Entity filed, EIN, and Single Member Operating Agreement.

  • FREE access to all ARWI Legal scheduled in-person business workshops.

  • Annual (1) one-on-one Business Audit, IP Analysis, and Strategic Legal Planning with your appointed ARWI Legal attorney.

  • Three (3) monthly Contract Review, Resolution or Letter Drafts, and Negotiation Contract of up to twenty (20) pages total - all performed by an appointed licensed business attorney.

  • Access to all flat fee services at a discount.

  • Five (5) scheduled calls and/or emails with your attorney.

*Additional Terms and Important Notes:

  • New Clients sign up by paying for the first three (3) months of the subscription. This payment is non-refundable as we begin the setup and discovery process to help activate the subscription and begin services. In those 90 days, we complete the formation bundle and the first business audit as well as the included services. After 90 days, the Client's subscription is to be paid in advance monthly.

  • Services do not accrue over time and do not rollover to the next month. Each month the Subscriber's access to Services will reset to their selected plan limitations. A Service may be completed or performed in a different month than the month that it was requested. This does not affect the page count or plan limits of the month in which the Service is completed unless it is completed in the same month it was requested.

  • ARWI Legal will be under no obligation to provide Services outside of the selected plan and its identified offerings. Subscriber may request, and/or be billed for, additional Services at the Flat Fee rate identified at