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ARWI Legal, PLLC is a Houston-based business law firm for solution-driven & social impact organizations, startups, & entrepreneurs.

Our primary-focus is helping our clients plan, create, & grow organizations that solve important problems in their communities and consistently promote and practice key principles of inclusion, empathy, service, integrity, individuality, diversity, transparency, accountability, efficiency, sustainability, and equity.

We help organizations get everything they need to be investor, lender, and grant application ready!

If you are starting, or own, a business, ask ARWI Legal!

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Contract Drafting

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At ARWI Legal, we are equally as human-focused as we are results driven. That means we build strategies for our clients to thrive, remain legally compliant, & find a healthy work-life balance. We believe "Work Smart Not Hard."  

We provide comprehensive "paperwork & preparation" support to ensure our clients’ business operations & strategic plans are both legally sound & executed. This can look like drafting necessary contracts to help our client formalize their agreements with their independent contractors, employees, investors, etc. It can also include more involved services like researching client business ideas to develop their business plans & detailed legal strategies in the form of fractional CLO services.

Driven by our passion to help startups & new entrepreneurs gain access to key business resources as early in their journey as possible, we help businesses get everything they need to be investor, lender, and grant application ready!

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Attorney Ryan Wright (she/her)

Meet The Attorney

Ryan Wright (she/her), an attorney and business owner for nearly a decade, is presently the managing attorney for ARWI Legal, a Texas law firm located in the Houston area, serving solution-driven & social impact organizations, startups, & entrepreneurs with business formation, contracting, and planning services across the state.


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