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ARWI Legal Workshops

ARWI Legal provides FREE business legal clinic workshops to the public where entrepreneurs can ask questions about their business and get on the spot feedback from a business attorney. 

Through our services and workshops, we bring key legal resources and information to the underestimated groups who are often the last to know and least to be served. 

We're committed to doing our part to closing all wealth and knowledge gaps. ARWI will empower the neglected sectors of our community to fully participate and actively compete in the market with their privileged peers. 

ARWI Legal supports solution builders and social impactors by helping them find a more balanced way to serve their community while still building generational wealth and assets.  

If you're a business owner or working to become one, you probably have legal questions about your business plans. 

From, "how to legally form your company and choose the entity type that's best for you," to, "how to protect your ownership stake in the company when bringing on partners and investors."

Workshop attendees can ask general legal questions related to their business and get on the spot feedback from our business attorney, Ryan Wright. 

See you there!

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